HCS Bandages

HCS Elastic Bandages

The HCS Elastic Bandage Line offers three different grades of stretchable, breathable, Latex-Free bandages used to create localized compression. These bandages are ideal for securing splints, dressings, ice packs and for use in the treatment of varicosities. They can also be used during recovery of an injury and to treat muscle strains and sprains by applying stable pressure or compression to a particular area.

The HCS Elastic Bandages come individually wrapped, in a variety of popular sizes and packaged in a convenient dispenser box.


HCS Sure-Stay™ Self Adhesive Bandages

Looking for a first-aid wrap solution that does not stick to skin, hair, or other dressings?  A wrap that can be used to support and secure sprains, hot/cold packs, gauze pads, and/or catheters/IV securement?  Look no further than the HCS Sure Stay™ Self-Adherent Bandage line. Features include...

  • Water resistant

  • Air permeable

  • Lightweight

  • Precise horizontal and vertical tearing

  • Easy Start folded edge