HCS Laparotomy Sponges

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HCS Laparotomy Sponges

The HCS single use Laparotomy Sponges are manufactured to the same high standards as the HCS O.R. Towels.  They are made of 100% highly absorbable cotton that is pre-washed and lint-free.  Other features include...

  • 7" blue loop that is x-ray detectable sewn in
  • Available in 18" x 18" and 4" x 18"
  • Sterile
  • Latex free

HCS Sponge Counter Bags

HCS Sponge Counter Bag can be used to help organize and utilize an effective counting system when Laparotomy sponges are being used in surgery.  Helps to add to the overall patient safety during surgeries.  Other features include...

  • Clear or blue color options