HCS Personal Care Line

HCS Baby Powder

HCS Baby Powder is a corn startch formula and comes in three different sizes, 1.5oz, 2oz, and 4oz.  The 1.5oz is enriched with vitamin E and Aloe for extra healing and comfort.


HCS Brushes

HCS provides two options for brushes to help meet different preferences.  HCS Brushes come in nylon bristles and plastic bristles.  Both lines are 7.5" long and come individually wrapped. 


HCS Combs

HCS offers a general black plastic comb that is 7.5" long.


HCS Deodorant

HCS offers a 1.5oz, roll-on, antiperspirant, that has a fresh scent.


HCS Lotion, Hand & Body

HCS offers hand and body lotion that help to moisturize dry skin.  HCS Hand & Body Lotion comes in 2oz and 4oz bottle option, as well as light scented versus fragrance free options.


HCS Mouthwash

HCS offers an alcohol free, fresh mint mouth wash in 4oz bottles.  Ideal for a few days stay at a hospital.


HCS Razors and Shaving Cream

HCS offers a razor and a 1.5oz, thick foam shaving cream for hospital's patients.  The twin blade razor and shaving cream offer patients the ability for personal grooming while in the hospital.


HCS Shampoo, Baby and Body

HCS offer a variety of Shampoo options.  HCS Shampoo range from 2oz, apricot scent, Shampoo and Body wash, to 2oz and 4oz tear free baby shampoo. 


HCS Rinse-Free Shampoo

In addition the traditional shampoo line, HCS offers a Rinse-free option for those unable to leave their bed.  HCS Rinse-free Shampoo comes in 2oz and 8oz options.


HCS Shampoo Cap

The HCS Shampoo Cap is premoistened with shampoo and conditioner in a No-Rinse formula. Warm up in a microwave for an even more enjoyable experience! Other feature and benefits include:

  • Lightly Scented

  • pH Balanced

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Alcohol & Latex Free

  • Single Use


HCS Soap Bars

HCS offers soap bars in two different sizes, .75oz and 1.5oz.  HCS Soap Bars are lightly scented individually wrapped, and contain anti-bacterial cleaning agents to help thoroughly clean the skin.


HCS Toothbrush

HCS offers toothbrushes to help meet the needs of your patients.  HCS Toothbrushes come in a soft-ivory color, are individually wrapped, and contain 30 Tuft bristles.