HCS Pharmacy Products

HCS Medicine Cups

Made from a pliable, durable, translucent polypropylene plastic, the HCS Medicine Cup features easy-to-read graduations in ounces,
cc’s, milliliters, drams, teaspoons and tablespoons.  Other features include...

  • Rolled edge for patient comfort and safety
  • Translucent option
  • No Dram option
  • Perfect for dispensing tablets or liquid
  • Latex free

HCS Pill Cutter

The HCS Pill Cutter is constructed of heavy-duty plastic and features a stainless steel blade for precise, clean cutting.

  • Latex Free
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • Cuts any size pill

Pill Crusher.png

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HCS Pill Crusher

HCS Pill Crusher easily crushes small and large pills into a fine powder. 

  • Convenient storage for pills
  • Made of a heavy duty plastic
  • Excellent grip for easy crushing of pills