Below is just a small sampling of the Projects and Services that are offered by Dyad through our HCS Branded Products.

Customer Centered Product Acquisition

Dyad is a truly customer-centered organization; instead of telling their customers what they want, Dyad listens to their customers, collaborating with their staff to acquire the unique products that fit their needs.  

Anywhere from niche products to customized commodities (i.e. items personalized with your company logo and information), Dyad is willing to work with you to find the perfect product fit.

Dyad Medical Solutions is receptive to you and your ideas - sourcing HCS branded items that truly fit your needs.

We excel at partnering with our customers to create innovative solutions, which in turn helps to increase patient satisfaction- because we understand that patient satisfaction is the number one goal.

Custom Kit Creation

Dyad takes great pride in collaborating with our partners on our Custom Kit Creation program.  This program looks at the most utilized items involved in specific, reoccurring procedures and offers them in an all-in-one kit built specifically to meet your needs.  Here are our more popular custom kits...


The Admission Kit was designed with the patient's comfort in mind. During extended stays, hygiene and grooming become a focus for patient comfort.  The Admission Kit is built to order based on what our customers would like to offer their patients.  The kit can include everything from shampoo, soap, finger nail clippers, and body wipes to combs, razors with shaving cream, slippers, and oral care.  The combinations of items to include are numerous.  In the end, all our customers would have to do is present their patient with the kit and the patients hygiene and grooming needs are met.  For more information click on the picture or here.


Relax and Refresh kit

Very similar to the Admission Kit, the Refresh and Relax Kit offers scaled down version for those patients only under hospital care for a night or two.  Included are items that accommodate oral, grooming, and body care.  Our customers can customize kits from one to over 20 items.  Built to order internally, HCS Refresh and Relax Kit comes assembled and ready to use.  Click the picture or here for more information.


Two procedures that are very common in the medical field are placing IVs and removing sutures.  HCS offers two custom kits with all of the tools needed to complete these procedures, IV Start Kits and Suture Removal Kits.  These kits are completely customizable - all the way down to the color of the tourniquets used in the IV Start Kit and the type of scissors and gauze used in the Suture Removal Kit.  For more information on these types of kits click on the image or here.