The HCS Slipper Line

HCS Patient Slippers

A high quality, ankle-length slipper made with a soft, breathable fabric for a comfortable, plush feel.

  • Slip-resistant treads

  • Ensure patient safety

  • Add extra durability

  • Single sided, Double Sided, or All-Around Tread

HCS All Around Tread Patient Slippers

Fear of falling is always prevalent among patients returning to their feet.  The HCS All Around Tread Slipper is specifically engineered to address these concerns. 

  • Unique 360 degree tread

  • Secure fit and constant traction

  • Soft, high quality polyester / spandex fabric

  • Ankle length

  • Comfortable and durable

HCS Comfort Top Slippers

The HCS Comfort Top Slippers are constructed with a high quality polyester/spandex blend providing a breathable, soft, comfortable, plush feel.

  • Mesh top for secure fit

  • Non-constrictive to the calf

  • Wide sole for comfortable feel for the foot

  • Beneficial for patients with Edema or swelling

  • Guaranteed constant grip to the floor

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