HCS Specialty Bags

HCS Emesis Bags

Emesis collection is not a clean job.  HCS Emesis Bags help to make the job cleaner by assisting in the collection process.  The bags are tear resistant and offer a one-step twist and dispose process for easy  and sanitary method.  HCS also offers a unique, green biodegradable option that is created with a specially formulated EPI additive (TDPA) that accelerates the breakdown after proper disposal.  Other features include...

  • Lightweight polyethylene

  • Wide opening supported by rigid plastic ring

  • Twist and hook bag to ring notch for disposal

  • Latex free


HCS Patient Belonging Bag

White or clear belonging bags with writable surface to personalize for every patient.  Other features include...

  • Drawstring or snap plastic handle

  • 20" x 20"

  • Latex free


HCS Patient Set-Up Bag

Clear plastic set-up bag provides strength and durability to fit your patient’s needs.  Other features include...

  • Marker writable surface

  • Drawstring

  • 12" x 16"

  • Latex free


HCS Specimen Bag

Transparent, latex free specimen bags with a printed biohazard symbol and check boxes for processing.  Other features include...

  • Ziplock closure

  • Separate outer pouch for paperwork

  • Orange and red print

  • Frozen/refrigerate and room temp options

  • Variety of sizes


HCS Ziplock Bags

HCS Ziplock Bags are great for every day use, organization, and long-term storage.  Other features include...

  • Clear

  • 2 mil

  • Reclosable

  • Interlocking groove and ridge seal

  • Low density polyethylene plastic resin

  • Variety of sizes

  • Latex free