HCS Vinyl Glove

HCS Vinyl Exam Gloves

HCS Vinyl Examination Gloves are produced with a clear polyvinyl chloride formulation and serve as an alternative for latex-sensitive individuals.  The HCS Vinyl Examination Gloves are available in 1000 case count and 1500 case count packaging.

  • Beaded Cuff

  • DEHP / DOP free

  • Excellent strength and durability

  • Great for multiple applications

  • Latex and powder free

HCS Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves

Durable and comfortable, these stretch vinyl gloves offer the same dependability as our vinyl line and also include a stretch formulation that conforms on the hand once donned.

  • Beaded cuff

  • DEHP / DOP Free

  • Smooth finish for excellent tactile sensitivity

  • Latex and powder free

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