"Since 2011, our goal has been to bring high quality products and creative solutions to the supply chain."

Mission Statement

Dyad Medical Sourcing, LLC is committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements as well as enhancing customer satisfaction and patient safety through continual improvement of our products, services, and quality management system.

Dyad Medical Sourcing is committed to helping our customers achieve their quality healthcare goals.
— Michael Mazza, President Dyad Medical Sourcing

Your Quality Healthcare Partner in a Changing world

  • Over 400 items
  • Drives Standardization
  • High Service Levels
  • Eliminates Manufacturing Margins
  • Ease of Implementation
  • In-Service Support
  • Right Product Always
  • Quality Engineered
  • Helps Improve Nursing Care
  • Focus is on Patient Care, not the Supply chain
  • Less time evaluating products, more time giving care to patients

Regulatory, Quality, Testing, and Certification

Dyad Medical Sourcing is ISO 13485 Certified

  • Creation of systems, processes, documentation, testing, and procedures to meet the requirements of the FDA, Customs, and other regulatory bodies
  • Ensures manufacturer adheres to Dyad's rigorous regulatory systems, processes, and procedures; manufacturers provide Certificates of Compliance (COC/COS) and Inspection Reports

  • Experienced QA/QC team to guide inspection and testing processes to ensure products meet specifications and the highest quality standards