Welcome to HCS Branded Products by Dyad Medical Sourcing, LLC. Headquartered just outside of Chicago, Ill., we are a privately held Medical Supply Sourcing Company. 

We were founded in 2007 to provide a service to our customers for product specific sourcing of high-quality, cost-effective medical supplies. It's our strategy to partner with key Medical Supply Distributors to identify customer specific product sourcing needs to address the ever-changing Healthcare Market. Through our global sourcing strategies, we will provide our customers with creative solutions to many of the medical supply chain challenges facing them today. We will provide products that are specific to the needs of the customer while focusing on quality and assisting the customers in managing supply chain costs. 

As a service company, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our customers and partnering with them to find a solution that works for their organization. We are dedicated to proactively making a difference in the Healthcare Market through our outstanding customer service, reliability and desire to do things right.